Sunday, July 22, 2007

the kid comes out . . . sort of

Several weeks ago our son came out to us. Not that he's not gay - but that he's an atheist. I guess that we shouldn't be surprised. Eddy and I have been doubting our faith openly (at home, not at church). He has been reading Richard Dawkins since grade school. And the craziest people in our extended families are the most religious.

At sixteen, I am sure that he is not finished sorting out his beliefs. He comes to church, hangs out with church friends and his fundamentalist cousins, going through all of the motions. (Where has he learned that from?)

I am saddened by his admission on two counts. First, he is keeping secrets from many people close to him. Second, I am just plain sad that he doesn't believe in God. I don't know what to believe myself, but I am saddened that my son doesn't believe. What is up with that?

But even more so, I am astounded that my son feels comfortable talking about this to us. I am thrilled that he doesn't see thinking as dangerous. Maybe we are doing something right.


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